Thomas: I was born in the German Democratic Republic in 1980, and experienced a change of the system by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the "reunification" of the two German states in 1989 and 1990 respectively.
I studied electronical engineering and worked in some large corporations until 2011.
Since 2002 I am a passionate tango dancer. When I needed a way to heal my dance pain, I found an important approach through yoga in 2005 and with contact improvisation from 2011 onwards, the former allowed me to immerse myself a little into the world of the Asian philosophy. In addition, as early as 2005, I converted my diet largely to vegan diet after I consulted a Tibetan doctor (Amchi D.T. Bhutia) and, of course, for my own ethical and ideological reasons, because in the course of time mostly everyone becomes aware of some things.
After 2011, I began a long travel time, looking for another way of life, that I spent largely in Latin America. Here I lived for a longer time, and again and again, in Buenos Aires, that has to do with tango and a wonderful woman, whom I have met here. But it still felt like the way I would like to live so far.
In 2013 I stayed with family Metschen, who lived in a forest in Paraguay, where I first experienced a way of living a partly tantric philosophy. I then studied tantric massages in Germany and received a wonderful insight into a possible way of this beautiful work in seminars with Niels (Sahaja Tantra Berlin, and others.
Also in 2013 the desire to live in a community awakened, also in this Paraguaian forest. Coming back to South America I visited friends in the north of Brazil and worked in a great garden of vegan friends who run a restaurant (Pedro e Larissa, Magias da Terra,
I then returned to Paraguay to look for a possible residence permit, which I got, of course, and I met Douglas and Monica, who for me were an important reason to go to Paraguay. At the end of 2015, I bought the property on which the community is beeing to be built.

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